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Recently, a post on social media posted that he came to a café and was taken aback by the menu.

In the photo of the menu that was released, everything from coffee to juice and tea was written in English only.

The menu descriptions were all in English, and even in handwritten that was hard to read.

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The author said that he didn't know much English, and he didn't know if he was telling people who didn't know English not to do it, or if he was making fun of them for not being able to read this.

Controversy has arisen among people when it became known that the café in question is a so-called 'hot spot' café with several stores in Seoul and the Gyeonggi area.

Restaurants and cafes often operate in English to give a sense of luxury, but excessive use can lead to discrimination.

Internet users responded by saying, "What kind of trouble is it to speak English, and are they trying to prevent the elderly from coming?" and "If you look closely, there are a lot of incorrect English expressions," and "You should just go to that country and do business, but you dare to be insulted here."

(Image source: Online Community)