A junior high school student who deliberately spilled cup noodles at an outdoor table at a convenience store and secretly stole an e-cigarette after calling the store owner out was caught by the police.

According to a YTN report on the 20th, two middle school students who recently stole e-cigarettes from a convenience store in Sangmo-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, were arrested on suspicion of theft.

They were said to be 2 years old and had just escaped the criteria for "tentacle boys".

CCTV footage of the incident shows two middle school students in school uniforms eating cup noodles at an outdoor table at a convenience store, then looked around and spilled the bowl of cup noodles on the floor.

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They went straight inside the convenience store and took the owner out of the store, saying that they had "spilled food while fooling around."

While the store owner was cleaning up the spilled cup noodles, a student quietly walked into the convenience store, headed to the cash register, stole two e-cigarettes, and fled.

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Feeling strange, the shopkeeper looked at the CCTV and confirmed the theft and called the police.

CCTV footage showed the students stealing in the same way the day before.

The owner, Mr. A, said, "I felt a little strange that they spilled ramen like that in the same way for two days in a row. I looked at the CCTV and there was such a theft," he told YTN.

Although the amount of damage was not large, he said that he reported the incident to the police because he was concerned about similar crimes, saying, "I went to clean it up with a pure heart because I was worried that (the children) would get hurt, but I never thought that the students would commit such a crime of theft. I feel betrayed for that."

(Photo = YTN news screenshot)