A note from a dog owner who abandoned his dog is causing outrage among users.

Recently, the Animal Protection Coalition's social media account introduced the story of a dog tied up in an empty garage waiting for its owner.

At the time of discovery, the puppy was left alone and abandoned by its owner, and its food bowl was empty in a thin blanket.

Next to the puppy was a note left by the dog's owner, and the note said, "Puppy name Bamtoli", "Please take good care of the dog", and "I am moving out ^^♡".

I abandoned my dog, but the note didn't show any regret or guilt.

The puppy is currently living in a shelter under the new name Bonbon, but if a new owner is not found, it is said to be in danger of being euthanized.

After hearing the story, the internet users reacted by saying, "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the note," "Do you laugh after abandoning your family?" and "I hope Bongbong meets a good owner."

(Planning: Kim Do-kyun, Composition: Park Ji-yeon, Editing: Kim Joo-hyung, Image source: Animal Protection Solidarity, Production: Digital News Editorial Department)