The appeal during the 12 noon program on Rai1

Cecchettin case, Antonella Clerici: "Let's educate our children to say no, get them used to defeats"

On 'E' sempre mezzogiorno' the journalist and face of Rai 1 commented on the femicide of which the 22-year-old from Vigonovo was a victim, remarking that "education must start from us grown-ups"



During the program 'It's always noon', Antonella Clerici commented on the femicide of which Giulia Cecchettin was a victim: "I have always said that through the lightness that we face every day the most important messages pass. I'm not one to back down, ever, I write it on social media and I also say it on television. What happened, and what affected all of us because Giulia's death is a dramatic thing. But I want to say one thing: we educators, fathers, mothers, children, sisters, brothers, should learn to educate our children to no. You have to start with the basics. When my daughter gets 4 in a subject, it's not the teachers' fault, it's her fault because she didn't study. If we protect these kids too much, we always make them feel in their comfort zone, social media gives them a performance majority, and we are too caring, they are not used to defeats. Neither to the no's of friends, nor to the no's of girlfriends, nor to the no's of nothing."

"Among the many reasons that there are - and then sentimental education is certainly important and must be taught in schools - education must start from us. By us grown-ups. We also get the kids used to this. That is very important. Then there are many speeches, but as a mother or father this is very important," Clerici concluded.