< Anchor> Prosecutors have sentenced Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong,
who has been on trial for alleged illegal acts in the merger between
Cheil Industries and Samsung C&T, to five years in prison. In his closing statement, Lee denied the allegations and pleaded for a chance so that Samsung could focus on moving forward.

This is Kim Sang-min.

Samsung Electronics Chairman
Lee Jae-yong's first trial in the 'suspicion of management succession' case is about to be sentenced after 5 trials.

[Lee Jae-yong/Samsung Electronics Chairman: (It took me more than three years to make up my mind. Please tell us what you think.]

The prosecution sentenced Choi Ji-sung, former head of Samsung's Future Strategy Office, and Jang Chung-ki, former deputy head of the U.S. War Office, to four years and six months and three years in prison, respectively, after Lee was convicted of five years in prison and a fine of 1 million won.

The prosecution has taken issue with the merger process in 106, in which one share of Cheil Industries and about three shares of Samsung C&T were exchanged.

Under the aim of strengthening the control of the group by Chairman Lee, who was the largest shareholder of Cheil Industries, various illegal acts such as disseminating false information and manipulating the market were carried out under the leadership of the Future Strategy Office, the group's advisory organization.

Allegations of fraudulent accounting by Cheil Industries subsidiary Samsung Biologics were also included in the indictment.

The prosecution pointed out in court that "this is a case where Samsung has successfully tried to 'take over management rights for free' following the Everland convertible bond case in the past," and that "if the company is granted indulgence, the controlling shareholders will continue to use illegal and expedient methods without any qualms."

In his final statement, Lee denied the allegations, saying that he "never had personal interests in mind in connection with the merger" and appealed for an opportunity to focus all of his energies on moving Samsung forward as the global supply chain is reorganized.

(Video interview: Seol Min-hwan, Video editing: Cho Moo-hwan)