A man of Uzbekistan rescues an elderly couple who were injured in a fire at a restaurant in Yangsan, Gyeongnam Province.

According to the Gyeongnam Fire Headquarters, a fire broke out at a restaurant in the northern part of Yangsan City at around 18:6 pm yesterday (44th).

The flames erupted with a 'pop' sound, and Ms. A, a woman in her 60s who was alone in the restaurant at the time, collapsed with burns.

My husband, Mr. B, who is in his 70s, who had been away for a while to prepare for business, couldn't get inside the restaurant and had to roll his feet.

At that moment, Mr. C, a 40-year-old Uzbek national who lived in the villa next to the restaurant, rushed into the restaurant and rescued Mr. A.

The entire restaurant was burned down and the surrounding cars were burned down, but Mr. C's courageous actions saved Mr. A from a major upset.

The fire department mobilized 48 firefighting personnel and 17 pieces of equipment to fully extinguish the flames around 30:7 p.m. yesterday, 11 minutes after the fire.

The fire caused property damage worth an estimated 8 million won, including a restaurant that was destroyed.

If the flames had gotten bigger, they could have spread to the villa next door, but their quick extinguishing prevented further damage.

Currently, Mr. A suffered second-degree burns all over his body and is being treated in hospital.

Mr. B was also injured and treated at the hospital, while Mr. C suffered minor abrasions and returned after first aid at the scene.

The firefighters also expressed gratitude for Mr. C's actions.

A fire official said, "Mr. C heard the explosion and ran without hesitation to save Mr. A, which saved his life."

(Photo = Courtesy of Gyeongnam Fire Department, Yonhap News)