In the presence of poetry, a group of writers, amateurs and connoisseurs of poetry gathered at the headquarters of the branch of the Arab Writers Union in Latakia today to enjoy the poems of poets (Naim Ali Mia, Hassan Mehrez and Zuhair Hassan) whose readings were filled with sentimental poems of national, humanitarian and flirtatious sentiment.

The participation of the poet Mia, a member of the Arab Writers Union, came with two sentimental poems overflowing with feelings and humanity, the first entitled "Because I love you more" and the second "As if I am you" in which he addressed the human being who represents the soul, thought and belonging to the homeland and the land.

The poet and member of the Writers Union, Tartous branch, Zuhair Hassan, said that what distinguishes the writer is his commitment to national and social issues, and the writer must awaken the enthusiasm of young people to work and build in light of crises, and this is what was spoken by his first poem, which came entitled "The Departure of Shadows" and the second, which tells the story of his love for the homeland.

As for the poet and member of the Arab Writers Union, Latakia branch, Hassan Youssef Mehrez, his participation came with two poems, the first "Revelation of the Beginning" written on the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language, which falls on the eighteenth of December of each year, and deals with the importance of language and preserving it from impurities and the multiplicity of dialects and is considered the most important association that unites all Arabs.

His second poem was titled "The Cry of Finding", a flirtatious poem in which he addresses the woman and the lover who carries worries in all their forms.

In the poetry evening hosted by Dar al-Assad for Culture in Latakia, the poems embodied the most beautiful poetic images through three poets: Ahmed Khalil Mansour, Ghazi Zarba and Maha Chakra.

The poet Ahmed Khalil Mansour, with his elegant words and strong feelings, expressed his love for the homeland and the beloved with poems and sentimental flirtatious poems entitled "Greetings to my beloved Sham" and the second sentimental entitled "Postponed wedding".

As for the participation of the poet Ghazi Zerba from the Ugarit Forum, it came through two poems, the first in which he draws national emotional cases with a sincere heart entitled "Love in Time of War" and the second entitled "Seagull and Moon" in which he depicts the sincerity of belonging to the homeland and the martyr.

The poet Maha Chakra participated in romantic and realistic poems, including a poem entitled "The Earthquake" depicting the situation and suffering of people because of the difficult human situations they went through, another poem entitled "Chrysanthemum" and another entitled "Do you have a place for the secret".

Ghaffar Deeb