I've seen a lot of articles saying that the payment was suspended after an unknown amount of money was deposited into the account one day, and the so-called bank account blackmail scam is on the rise.

They abused the system to protect victims of bank account blackmail and voice phishing.

First, scammers use second-hand transactions to lure third-party victims into sending money to a specific account.

If the victim reports the scam to the account, the account will be suspended.

The fraudster then asks the account holder for money to lift the suspension.

While we don't have the authority to lift the suspension on actual fraudsters, some account holders who don't know the law often send money by crying and eating mustard.

While the total number of voice phishing cases and the amount of damage is decreasing, the financial sector estimates that the number of bank account blackmail victims is increasing.

However, the financial authorities are actually reluctant to respond because the law needs to be changed.

The revised bill was submitted to the National Assembly in March, but it has not been debated for more than six months amid the opposition dispute.

(Article Source: Korea Economy)