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Rumors spread that he had sexually harassed fans at an autograph session, and the frustrating story of Kwon Kwang-jin, who temporarily withdrew from the group N-Flying, was belatedly revealed.

Kwon Kwang-jin, who founded the YouTube channel "Invincible" based on his experience of serving in the Marine Corps after leaving the group, confessed, "The dating and sexual harassment of fans is not true, but I was dating fans at that time."

Kwon Kwang-jin said, "At that time, my wife hung up a birthday celebration or something like that, so I went to see it, and my wife was there. I was grateful for that. I'll have to ask for the number sometime in a while. It was a real coincidence."

Kwon Kwang-jin then said, "Maybe it was because it was fate," and "I fell in love with my wife because she was beautiful," and later sued the person who spread the rumors of bad faith and sexual harassment, and surprisingly, he surprised me by saying that it was his wife's close sister who spread the rumors.

Kwon Kwang-jin said, "The older sister was also a fan, but she was jealous when she met me. It's written on the internet in a way that doesn't even make sense," he added.

[Photo = Reporter Baek Seung-cheol]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)