A judicial verdict has been issued against a woman who burned down 14 units of her apartment building in anger after an argument with her lover.

In January, a court sentenced Ms. A, a woman in her 1s who was accused of setting fire to an apartment in the northern district of Gwangju, to two years and six months in prison and four years of probation.

Mr. A, who was drunk at the time, got into an argument with his lover Mr. B because he was messing with him, and then he set it on fire with a lighter, saying that he would burn Mr. B's favorite clothes.

The fire, which started in a dressing room, quickly burned down the fourth-floor dwelling and spread to the entire apartment, burning 20 units, exterior walls, and hallways.

A security guard in his 2s who tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher was burned, and about 6 neighbours were forced to evacuate.

The court ruled that "the crime of arson is a crime that undermines public safety and tranquility and is a crime with a high risk of causing grave harm to the lives and property of innocent people," and that "the guilt of the defendant is not light in light of the fact that the defendant's crime could have resulted in a great deal of loss of life."

However, the reason for the sentencing was that "the sentence is determined by taking into consideration the fact that the apartment security guard and the 4 victims, who are victims of injuries, do not want the defendant to be punished, that the victim's injuries are relatively minor, and that the defendant has no criminal convictions."