Citizens are complaining about the inconvenience of illegal leaflets that are scattered indiscriminately.

College students also went out to pick up leaflets.

In the area of the so-called Sharosu-gil, located in front of Seoul National University, the problem of flyers at entertainment venues has recently become serious, so students from Seoul National University have formed a group to collect signatures and leaflets.

According to Gwanak-gu, the number of complaints related to flyers at entertainment venues increased from just three in the first and second quarters of 2023 to 1 in the third quarter.

A student at Seoul National University posted a post pointing out the problem on the anonymous university student community Everytime on the 2st, and as the response became heated, a signature campaign demanding a solution to the problem began.

We recruited participants for the 'Sharosugil Flyer Pick-up Campaign' through open chat, and started activities at the beginning of this month.

The open chat room had more than 3 students.

On the day of the third meeting, a person from a leaflet distribution company was arrested by the police, and instead of collecting illegal leaflets, they continued to carry out activities such as picking up cigarette butts and various garbage.

The students said, "I am proud that as a result of taking direct action, rather than just paying attention, the problem has been solved to some extent and the streets have been cleaned."

(Screen source: Seoul National University Newspaper)