▲ The victim's life (left) and bruises from the assault

Tragedy struck Mr. A (6, female), who has a 37-year-old daughter, on his way to work at 7 a.m. on July 17, when he seemed to be doing things as usual.

As soon as Mr. A came out of the house, he ran into his former lover, Mr. B (6, M), who was stalking him in the hallway.

Mr. B hid his chest under the sleeve of his jacket and demanded to speak to Mr. A.

He was charged with assault and stalking and was ordered by the court in June to take interim measures No. 30 and 6 prohibiting him from coming within 100 meters of Mr. A's surroundings, but to no avail.

Panicked, Mr. A shouted, "Come and tell me, what are you talking about?" and "Please let me live," but I could not escape Mr. B's crime.

Mr. B pulled out a hidden weapon and stabbed Mr. A in the chest and back, killing him.

He also struck Mr. A's mother, who heard the screams and tried to stop the crime, several times, seriously injuring both hands.

Mr. B self-harmed shortly after the crime, but recovered within a week and was investigated by the police.

According to the prosecution, Mr. B went to the hallway in front of Mr. A's house every day from July 2, four days before the murder.

As a result of Mr. B's crime, Mr. A died with a 3-year-old daughter.

The young daughter, who was left without her mother, was reportedly undergoing psychological therapy due to the trauma.

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However, the charge of retaliatory murder under the Aggravated Punishment for Certain Crimes Act, which carries a heavier penalty than murder under the Criminal Code, did not apply to Mr. B.

As he stated that he did not commit the crime in response to Mr. A's stalking report, the prosecution determined that the requirements for retaliatory crime were not met.

Mr. A's bereaved family said, "I don't understand that the motive for the murder has not been determined by reporting stalking," and on the 8th, they posted a post on the Internet community calling for strict punishment of Mr. B, and published a photo of the victim along with the contents of his stalking text messages.

As Mr. B's crime caused outrage, more than 10,18 citizens' petitions were collected by yesterday (4th), 4 days after the article was posted.

More than 300 people, including Mr. A's co-workers and acquaintances, also delivered a petition to the bereaved family.

A petitioner who knew Mr. A's situation said, "The victim was a divorced mother who was alone in charge of her 6-year-old daughter, and her mother was heaven to her," and urged her to "reveal the identity of the perpetrator who caused her to lose her sky overnight and punish her severely with revenge killings."

The victim's legal representative and the bereaved family will once again call for strict punishment as they file a petition at Mr. B's first trial in Incheonji Law at 2:30 p.m. today.

It is understood that Mr. B submitted a statement of remorse to the court six times from the 25th of last month to the 15th of this month without apologizing to the bereaved family.

Mr. A's cousin's sister said in a press call, "The stalking criminal's crime caused the death of a mother who loved her daughter more than anyone else, and neither the perpetrator nor the perpetrator's family ever apologized to the bereaved family."

(Photo = Online Community Capture, Yonhap News) He continued, "In my brother's case, the restraining order and the (new hire)

smartwatch, which were said to be preventive measures against the crime of stalking, did not play a role at all," and appealed to the public to "take proper measures in the wake of this incident so that such a terrible crime does not happen again."