A man who ate 10 servings of meat and ran away was given a bounty equal to the cost of a meal.

In one online community, a post titled "Gangneung Pig Thief Bounty Wanted" was posted.

A self-employed restaurant owner in Gangneung has put up a bounty of 10,5 won to find a man who ran away after eating 4 servings of meat.

Author A said, "A very bad person came in, ate 30 servings of pig in 10 minutes, and ran away in an instant. With that money, we can shoot chicken with our troubled Alba pigs," he said, adding, "It's a small reward, but I'll make a bounty reward. I want to catch it."

Describing the man who ran away, he said, "The staff listened to the call while serving, and he said he looked like a soldier on leave," adding, "He quickly inhaled one kilogram of meat, food, and drink."

He continued, "There are two things that are very difficult in the restaurant business," he said, expressing his frustration, "The first is the fluctuation in prices, and the second is more frightening, because we sell quality meat and more than 1 kinds of vegetables at an extreme price."

(Screen source: Treasure Dream)