<Anchor> Japan, which has completed the first discharge of contaminated water from
plans to launch a second discharge later this month. In order to calm people's anxiety, our government has announced that it will expand the radiation survey area in our waters to 1 by next year and maintain an emergency radiation investigation system.

Reporter Hong Seung-yeon accompanied the investigation site.


A survey ship departs the Busan Port Passenger Terminal for marine radiation inspection.

The destination is 2 kilometers from the port of Busan, and the sea area was added as an emergency survey point in July.

It took nearly 243 minutes by boat to reach the survey point.

Today (20th), 7 bottles of 50L water collection containers will be collected here, a total of 18L of seawater.

The collection equipment is pumped up from 2 meter below the surface of the seawater, and the investigators treat it with hydrochloric acid to prevent radioactive material from sticking to the container, and then send the sample to the Korea Marine Environment Agency's laboratory.

With the introduction of rapid assays, the analysis time for cesium and tritium has been reduced from one week to two days.

Immediately after the release of contaminated water from Japan, the government has added 5 locations off the coast of Korea as emergency investigation points and conducted rapid analysis.

The results of the emergency investigation were all well below the World Health Organization's drinking water standards.

[Cho Seung-hwan, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries: The public is relieved that we can stop now, we can do it in the way of coastal surveys, and then until there is an agreement (we will investigate).]

The government has decided to expand the number of maritime periodic and emergency survey points to 10 by next year.

It also said it is conducting high-seas radiation surveys on two waters outside Japan's exclusive economic zone that are in the route of contaminated water movement.

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs also announced that it plans to unveil the radiation survey site before the distribution of seafood at major counter sites, and to introduce tritium analysis equipment for aquatic products from the end of the year.

(Video Interview: Jung Kyung-moon, Video Editing: Kim Jun-hee)

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