Police arrested members born in 2002 who formed an
emerging gang and committed various crimes. It turned out that they shared the phrase "To become a gangster in the national district, you need to have a wide network of people" and formed a nationwide peer gangster group through social media.

This is TJB reporter Hyung-Joon Cho.

Dozens of men with
their jackets naked gathered inside the restaurant.

All of them, who have tattoos all over their bodies, were born in 2002 and formed an emerging gang called the "National Society" in December last year.

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[Nationwide Fighting!]

It has been confirmed that the so-called "MZ" gangsters, who gathered from 21 organizations nationwide, including Chungcheong and Gyeonggi, met regularly once a month with dozens of people.

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In addition, because juniors did not greet each other, they got into a group scuffle with beer bottles and assaulted citizens passing by for no reason.

It was understood that they were all the same age and formed an organization across regions through social media.

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Police arrested 38 of the 34 members of the organization and detained the president, who was born in 2002.

[Kim Kyung-hwan, chief of the Violent Crime Investigation Division of the Chungnam National Police Agency: This is a group formed to broaden networks and strengthen solidarity in order to become thugs in the national district with a common goal.]

In addition, the police arrested 220 additional members of the MZ gang and detained seven others on suspicion of operating an illegal gambling site call center worth 32 billion won based in Nonsan.

As a result of the National Police Agency's special crackdown on organized crime in the last four months, 7 of the more than 4,1 arrested were in their 500s or younger, more than 57 percent.

On the other hand, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced that it will collect and intensively investigate all ongoing cases related to the MZ gang, which is dominated by people in their 919s and 30s, such as the "Apgujeong Rolls-Royce" incident and the "Nonhyeon-dong Lamborghini" incident.

(Video interview: Kim Yong-tae TJB, screen courtesy of Chungnam National Police Agency)

TJB Cho Hyung-jun