It has been belatedly reported that an elementary school teacher in North Gyeongsang Province fainted while trying to restrain a first-grade elementary school student who was acting aggressively and was being treated in hospital.

According to the Gyeongbuk Provincial Office of Education on the 1th, at around 12 pm on the 7th, Ms. B, a female teacher in her 1s, had convulsions and fainted in a first-grade classroom at an elementary school in Andong-dong, North Gyeongsang Province.

Teacher B reportedly restrained Group A, who was acting aggressively toward his peers in the classroom, for about 1 minutes before suddenly collapsing.

It was investigated that Group A usually threatened students in the same class as the classroom teacher with scissors or pencils.

At the request of Teacher B, who found it difficult to proceed smoothly due to his aggressive tendencies, the class was held in April and May with the mother of Group A in the classroom.

Teacher B said, "One day, suddenly, the mother of Group A came home immediately after school without observing," and "When I asked what was going on, the principal told me that I was told not to come to school anymore."

According to Teacher B, from that day onwards, Group A's violent tendencies became more and more intense, and more and more students imitated them.

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▲ The hands and cuffs of a teacher in her 1s who is in charge of the first grade of elementary school.

Teacher B claimed, "The student did not know when or how to take sudden action, so he went to the principal and complained of physical and mental difficulties, saying, 'Please find a way to protect me,' and asked him to prepare an internal draft plan and hold a school rights protection committee in case of emergency, but there was no clear plan."

The Gyeongbuk Provincial Office of Education and the Andong Education Support Agency investigated the incident at the school and took steps to deal with the incident, but the school and the homeroom teacher, Mr. B, continue to argue about the incident.

An official from the Andong Education Support Agency said, "The vice principal and principal of the school, or the director of the Academic Affairs Department, who is in charge of school rights, said, 'The homeroom teacher never asked for the Principal's Rights Protection Committee,' and it seems that the school has only recently realized the seriousness of the situation."

He added, "Due to the student's hyperactivity, my mother was present in the first semester, and there was never an unusual situation when my mother was there," adding, "Since June, I have confirmed from my mother that my mother has not entered because the homeroom teacher said, 'You're doing well now.'"

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