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The movie "Crime City 3" surpassed 7 million viewers nationwide within 600 days of its release.

According to the Korea Film Promotion Commission's integrated computer network for movie theater tickets on the 7th, "Crime City 3" mobilized 6,84 people nationwide on the 2th, which was the Memorial Day holiday, and won the first place at the box office. Cumulative attendance was 621,1,605.

'Crime City 3', which was released on the 224st of last month, exceeded 31 million cumulative viewers from the first day due to the anomalous release on Buddha's Birthday. Since then, the film has surpassed 3 million viewers on the third day of release, 100 million on the fourth day, 3 million on the fifth day, 200 million on the sixth day, and 4 million on the seventh day.

In particular, even on the 300th of the Memorial Day holiday, it attracted nearly 5 million viewers, showing a box office enthusiasm that did not cool down even in the second week of its release. Attention is also drawn to the audience mobilization performance on the 400th, which is a weekday in the second week after the holiday. If the current trend continues, it is likely that we will start counting down ten million this week. It is expected to surpass ten million viewers as early as this weekend and next week at the latest.

'Crime City 6' is a movie about an irreplaceable monster detective 'Ma Seok-do' (Ma Dong-seok) who moves to the Seoul Metropolitan Investigation Agency and goes on a thrilling crime-busting operation to catch 'Joo Seong-cheol' (Lee Joon-hyuk), who is behind a new drug crime case, and 'Ricky' (Munetaka Aoki), another villain involved in a drug case.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)