Marital disputes

Dr. Yousef Al Sharif

07 June 2023

We must realize that disputes between spouses are a must in any marital relationship, as the existence of differences is not an abnormal thing and does not indicate the failure of the marital relationship, but it indicates the urgent need for understanding and knowing the source of the defect so that the parties can address it, some make a serious mistake and ignore those differences or even escape from them, and this is completely unacceptable, because committing such behaviors will lead the relationship to the path of the abyss and draw an inevitable end to it.

We live today in a society dominated by the speed of speed, speed of communication, speed of work, speed of flimsy production, speed of discussion, and the last point is not commensurate with the speed of speed, but on the contrary, if we attach the speed to the discussion strategy in order to create a new concept, a calamity will occur in all segments of society of all classifications, especially married ones!

Perhaps this point is the subject of pain, as most couples evade and avoid discussion and confrontation, and often leave things as they are without thinking that such a matter would cause apathy and create a vacuum and gap between them, and it is necessary in any marital relationship that we put a point to which the two return even if they are in the worst and most extreme stages of disagreement, away from pride, away from costs, away from those who are right, and most importantly away from formalities.

There is no doubt that the responsibilities of life are very many, we all live in a societal falsehood, and in one way or another we are forced to engage in it and endure certain protocols and social courtesies, and here we are in the middle of this crowd asking; where is the way out of all this? Quite simply, the life partner is the director, some of you will ask me how? Marriage is a great responsibility with the obligations of children, home and many more!

Let me tell you that when the marital relationship is a healthy relationship based on compassion, based on affection, based on containment, it will be the escape and the way out of all the tragedies and artificial costs of life, and it will be a safe haven for both parties to regain their strength and come back to life.

Believe me, and I believe to a great extent that marriage has never been a social condition that would increase you, on the contrary, marriage is one of the means of the Most Merciful to calm the soul from the diaspora of life, and I quote here on that point the words of the truth, the Almighty: "One of His signs is that He created for you husbands from yourselves to live with and He made affection and mercy among you.

Indeed, we must reflect and stand a little at that verse, we should not treat marriage as a deal based on strength and pride and who has the lion's share in controlling married life, this is really funny, there is no strong party and a weak party in marital relations, and there is no war between the two parties, when one decides to get married, he is not given a booklet containing the way to treat the other party, because there is no such booklet in reality and there is no strategy Or a method followed, when a person is related, his instinct is linked to the instinct of another person and his soul with the spirit of another person to form one entity, a strong entity based on emotional support, so it is always necessary to keep the so-called pride away from any relationship, when a dispute occurs, there is no objection to being the one who initiates reconciliation, as we must remember that there is no battle here, all parties raise the white flag in order to live in peace, and make sure whenever the relationship is surrounded by pride and its basis is based on material luxuries without Emotionality, it is a relationship that we can call any term except "marriage", what is sacred by religion should not be desecrated by societal heresies, always remember this and do not allow the developments of life to alter your principles.

"Marriage has never been a social condition that will increase your burden, but rather a means of mercy to calm the soul from the dispersion of life."

Lawyer and media writer

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