The Arab Writers Union, in cooperation with the Land of the Levant Foundation, held a seminar entitled "The First Harbingers of the Establishment of Resistance Thought in the Region", which included the history of struggle and resistance from the beginning of colonialism in the past to the present.

Journalist Mustafa Mekdad referred to the suffering of the Arabs from the occupation, and the positions taken by Syria in the face of the occupation, especially the Zionist occupation, which was manifested in strengthening the approach of resistance and defending the Palestinian cause.

The researcher, Dr. Samir Abu Saleh, pointed out that the axis of resistance has increased immunity through the cohesion of struggle between Syria and Iran, and Syria has continued to adopt this approach to this day until the liberation of all territories.

The researcher, Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Karim, explained in his axis that the Zionist entity is working to protect its security and confront countries that pose a threat to it, and threaten its existence, seeking to preserve its vital area, by fighting and weakening the most important countries threatening it, such as Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and others, in cooperation with America, which provides it with support of all kinds.

Researcher Turki Al-Hassan, in turn, pointed to the need to develop the resistance ideology, which began many years ago, by paying attention to the history of resistance since the European occupation until today, and the revolutions that expelled the colonizer.

Dr. Nahla Issa explained that resistance thought has emerged in the Arab region since the time of the Mu'tazila until today, between national thought and resistance thought, according to the desire of peoples for liberation.

Researcher Al-Arqam Al-Zoubi said: All the wars that are happening are being harnessed by the United States to serve it, and the Russian-Ukrainian war is a model, in addition to the West's alliances with it, but what worries it is the axis of resistance led by Tehran and Damascus, and the departure from its obedience, and adherence to the Palestinian cause and support for the vulnerable and global liberation movements.

In her axis, Dr. Lina Mohsen highlighted what Syria and Iran have done to support and activate the resistance in the face of the Zionist occupation, indicating that the current matter needs to support, follow up and maintain resistance thought as long as the occupation exists.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ard al-Sham Foundation pointed to the importance of the strategic resistance thought established by Commander Hafez al-Assad, and working to confront American arrogance and liberate all occupied territories, and the survival of the axis of resistance at the height of its power and movement to support the oppressed and confront the occupation, as long as it threatens the human being in general.

The President of the Arab Writers Union, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hourani, in his statement to SANA, focused on the importance of working to support the culture of resistance that would push the people to support their army, which preserves dignity and the homeland, and to appreciate the culture of cooperation between Syria and Iran and between any country that supports resistance ideology.

Muhammad Khalid Alkhidr

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