A Russian delegation from the Nizhny Novgorod regional district in the Russian Federation was briefed on the health situation at Tishreen University Hospital, and the progress of ocular surgeries performed by Russian medical staff in cooperation with Syrian doctors.

Deputy Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Peter Vitalevich Pannikov explained in a statement to reporters that a medical education center was opened in the hospital several months ago, and Syrian ophthalmic doctors were sent for training in Russia, and today this cooperation culminates in conducting qualitative operations in kind at the hands of Russian doctors and Russian equipment, especially that the Nizhny Novgorod province provides all accessories, materials and medical devices with the latest technologies and continuously and unparalleled.

In turn, the commercial director of the "Nizhigorodskaya Oblastnaya Pharmacy" Foundation, Dmitry Medvedev, said that the Foundation has secured the Russian medical staff from the "Fyodorv" Medical Center, in addition to lenses, surgical sutures and all the accessories and surgical equipment used by doctors in treating patients, adding: The Foundation is always ready to receive Syrian doctors, hold training courses for them, work with them, and also benefit from their expertise.

In turn, Dr. Mahmoud Ragab, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology and Surgery at Tishreen University Hospital, explained that the delegation performed seven complex operations that require expertise and modern equipment, pointing out that the operations were distributed between closing an atrophic yellow stain for a patient suffering from visual problems in the other eye, which is considered the only eye for the field of vision, in addition to other operations such as replacing the lens inside the eye, and injecting a modern drug substance in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy.

He pointed out that operations are continuing and patients in need of treatment outside the country will be followed up, as the medical staff has expressed its readiness to receive and treat patients at their personal expense.

For his part, Dr. Osama Salman, an ophthalmologist and deputy representative of the Russian Foundation, added that the Foundation has been providing medical, in-kind, humanitarian and material aid for more than a year to Syria in general and the city of Latakia in particular.

Dima Hishmeh and Alaa Ibrahim

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