Regarding the controversy over Seoul's issuance of an alert alert and emergency alert related to North Korean projectiles, Mayor Oh Se-hoon apologized, saying, "We apologize for the confusion."

Mayor Oh said, however, that "I don't think it was a misfire."

Mayor Oh held an emergency briefing at the city hall this afternoon (31st) and said, "I would like to apologize for the confusion caused to many people by the warning text message from Seoul regarding the North Korean space launch vehicle this morning."

He went on to explain, "After investigating the circumstances, unlike North Korea's usual East Sea launches, this time it was launched to the south, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which is responsible for the safety of 1 million citizens, decided that immediate action was necessary and issued an alert."

Mayor Oh said, "This emergency letter may have been an overreaction by the on-site workers, but we judge that it was not a misfire," adding, "There can be no compromise on safety, and the principle is to respond to the extent that it is excessive."

He emphasized, "We will further refine the warning system and guidance phrases for prompt and accurate guidance and develop them in consultation with the government."

Mayor Oh said he would keep in mind all three possibilities: misfire, overreaction, and proactive administration to minimize possible risks.

(Photo=Yonhap News)