Nutritionist reveals a way to live 100 years

A Russian nutritionist explained that a healthy and correct diet helps to live up to 100 years.

Russian nutritionist Dr. Vasilisa Panomariova pointed out that a healthy and correct diet as in "blue zones" (the blue zone is a new term to identify the few areas in the world that are characterized by a long inhabitant life compared to the average age of the rest of the world) helps to increase life expectancy by 13 years, that is, living to 100 years, as reported by the newspaper "Russia Today".

"We have confirmed that a healthy diet can positively impact longevity and health," she says.

The expert points to scientific studies conducted in regions of the world that are characterized by the longevity of their populations, who maintain good health longer than others. The "blue zones" from Okinawa to Sardinia and from Nicoya to Ikaria are the inhabitants of which consume large quantities of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes.

According to her, these particular nutrients are rich in nutrients that lower the risk of health problems such as heart disease and stroke.

"It's important not only to add these healthy nutrients to the diet, but also to avoid eating harmful foods.

"It turns out that residents of the 'blue zones' don't consume a lot of meat, dairy products, refined sugar and processed foods," she says.

"In general, the diet of the inhabitants of the 'blue zones' relies on plants and in particular on legumes as their main source of protein."