"I like Giorgia Meloni because she has a lot of," said Arisa, but what came under the lens were her statements about the government and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. The artist, in "The Confession", the broadcast of Peter Gomez on the television channel Nove, had said that regarding LGBTQ+ rights, the premier behaves "like a strict and frightened mother. A mother who is not only the mother of a child, but has 4 and then it seems that she does things that are good for all 4 children, perhaps penalizing one. In my opinion it takes time and on our part a change of attitude, not always in struggle but in dialogue".

The phrases of Arisa, already godmother several times of the Gay Pride, the last in Padua a year ago, have sparked controversy and already during the live broadcast of Domenica In, the singer had felt she had to return to the theme: "It's a moment of ca... — she replied to Mara Venier who asked her how she was doing — because there was a sort of misunderstanding in the interview I did with Peter Gomez, I did not expect certain questions".

Then the decision, announced on social media: "Dear boys and girls, I am immensely sorry for the moment we are living and I hope that in time we will be able to communicate again. For now they are just very heavy insults from some of you that I do not know how to decipher. Today my manager was advised by the organizers to tell me not to show up at the Milan Pride because of the hypothesis that some members of the community may somehow embarrass me. I would have gladly come, but if I did something so serious as to deserve such exclusive treatment, I think I will not even participate in the Rome Pride. I'm really sorry. Happy Pride to all, have fun for me too, I wish you to find a turning point plan and realize your legitimate dreams to be happy. I really wish it to you from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to live by hanging out with old friends and I will be told. Before saying goodbye, I want to write one last thing: diversity is made up of opinions, experiences and ways of seeing life. Diversity is wealth. You taught me that. Don't condemn people because they don't think exactly like you, maybe those people there love you anyway, but you think not. Times change, mothers whitewash, flowers bloom and then wither, and then are reborn. You have to work on it and always believe in it. If you play the love card, you will always win."

Even this post, however, has aroused reactions because, some users respond, it is not criticized for its ideas but some of its positions are judged "ignorant".

Already in recent days the former parliamentarian Vladimir Luxuria on Twitter had written: "Arisa, a mother can be sweet or strict but she must be with all the children, do not make children and stepchildren leaving behind one of her children just because different from the others and treat him like an ugly duckling: that is not strict, she is an unfair mother".

Now, commenting on Arisa's choice not to participate in the Pride of Rome and Milan, Vladimir Luxuria tells Adnkronos: "'Arisa renounces to participate in this year's Gay Pride? It is his choice. I also received insults on social media from some fans of Arisa but at her next concert I go there anyway ''.


If she does not come to the Gay Pride you see that the manager has told her that it is better not to go thereor - she adds ironically - she has decided not to marry our causes anymore. Next time maybe he will go to a demonstration of Fratelli d'Italia...''

On the fact that Arisa claims to feel threatened, Luxuria then observes: "Enough of this victimization. Ours are peaceful demonstrations, there has never been an episode of violence. You can see that he expected applause after these statements. I don't think anyone told you not to come. Then I didn't understand why he talks about the Pride of Rome where his performance was not scheduled".