What if time took you back?

Dr. Yousef Al Sharif


31 May 2023

Before her departure, the famous American writer and journalist Irma Pompek was asked, what if time took you back? Would you have lived your life the way

Same?! And you choose the same choices?! She replied that she does not regret anything she did, but... For example, she said that if time returned to her, she would not spend the months of pregnancy complaining about his troubles, but would notice that pregnancy is a divine miracle and she will enjoy that it is part of that miracle, and a reason for another soul to go out into the world, and also that she will not close the windows of her car in the summer for fear that the air will spoil her hairstyle, and the writer has mentioned many things that if he returned Here I would like to mention that one of the most important things that caught my attention is one of the simple wishes, where she said «I will use that expensive candle that was given to me and spoiled from storage», and it may seem normal, but if we look at this sentence, we will find that we all make the same mistake in different forms, ways and ranks.

We often postpone things today from their time, and say tomorrow (will) we use, buy or do them, and we are often afraid to use something precious so that it does not ruin, and many people do not enjoy things that they paid for to preserve

Only, you find them buying a car and the first thing they do is put a cover or leather on its chairs to protect the original leather, while this makes the chair session uncomfortable, and its appearance is inappropriate, or it may not suit the level of the car, whatever its value, although he himself pays for that car, so why not enjoy it?! This is one case that may summarize a lot for us, there is more than that, you find someone who buys beautiful clothes and makes it locked in the closet, and uses it only on happy occasions despite its lack or distance, and postpones to rejoice in it until it changes its size (often obesity) and in all of that a question always comes to my mind, why do we do that? Are we afraid of having fun?! Or do we find that we do not have the right to have fun?!

They say that when we get older, and we relive our memories, we won't regret things we did as much as we will regret things we didn't do, we'll regret having a good time in the company of people we love that we lost in making up problems, we'll regret not taking advantage of the presence of people in our lives and didn't feel their presence until late, we'll regret that we wasted so much time being afraid; we're afraid of tomorrow, we're afraid of our shape and status, we're afraid of people talking about us because of our actions, we're afraid for our property and we save it, and we don't enjoy using it, we're afraid of To pursue our dreams, hobbies, and what we find enjoyable to us, we are afraid to stop a relationship that drains us, and eventually we wish we could go back in time and do this and change that.

It may be really too late, and convince yourself of that, but remember that you repeat the same mistake and after a while you will say if time returns to that moment, the whole summary lies in enjoying the moment and the thing in your hands, time will not return, but you can not make it repeat itself, and although we have heard a lot of judgment, sayings and experiences that call for this proposition, but very few of those who downloaded it home application to their lives and ideas, and took it as an approach to raise their minds and the minds of those around them, let's take advantage of those opportunities So that we don't regret it later.



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