The Syrian Levanta troupe presented the theatrical dance show "Juzoor" on the stage of the cultural theater in Jableh, which takes the viewer back to the emergence of man on this earth and the beginnings of human thought that started from the Syrian coast, and shed its light on all parts of the earth.

The show takes the dance gesture as a means of expressing the existence of man and the first spark that inspired him with the thought, values and principles that distinguished him from other successors, and the development that the region has undergone until today, and what has hit it and passed through it in its strength and weakness.

The dance art show refers to the bright stages in Arab history, especially the Abbasid and Andalusian periods, and the emergence of arts and muwashahat through the eras of decline and renaissance by evoking the Damascene heritage, the heritage of the coast and the various Syrian regions.

Andalusian muwashahat, Aleppo Qudud, Dalaouna, Mejna, traditional Tarab songs, in addition to national songs that call for holding on to the land, blessing the victories of the Syrian Arab Army and glorifying its martyrs, the theatrical performance material formed roots, in addition to the hope for the resurrection of Syria, its reconstruction and its radiance as it has always been.

The founder of the band, Bashar Al-Khaddour, explained to the SANA correspondent that Levana is the new name for the wedding band, which was founded four years ago, and the presentation of the roots of the true picture of the group's goals and aspirations, by calling for adherence to our authentic roots to launch strong and luminous branches that record milestones in the new history.

Al-Khaddour pointed out that the show aims to present an hour of joy with an abstract material, which is dance and music, in addition to forgetting the pain and getting out of the narrow psychological state due to the consequences of the war and the earthquake for the audience, who are in dire need of it.

Dancers Mustafa Askar, Hossam Al-Burjak, Rawan Esber, Hassan Ali and Ahmed Wannous expressed their happiness to participate in this work, which expressed their insides and provided useful material that calls for love, hope and adherence to the land.

Bilal Ahmed

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