Commenting on the police raiding an MBC reporter suspected of leaking the personal information of Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon today (30th), Minister Han said, "Even if it is revealed that personal information including resident registration numbers was disseminated and misused in order to forcibly harm someone, we should not just pass it on."

Speaking to reporters while attending a meeting of the Supreme Court nomination committee at the Supreme Court today, Han added, "If we just move on, it will be a matter of course for other people to have this happen."

Regarding the MDP's criticism of the "retaliatory seizure and search," he retorted, "I am from the perspective of the victim, not the subject of the investigation," and said, "I think the MDP reacted very differently at the time of the seizure and search of the Channel A case."

The Seoul National Police Agency's Anti-Corruption and Public Crime Investigation Division today conducted searches of MBC reporter Lim Mo's residence, the National Assembly Secretariat, and MBC's office in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, in connection with the alleged leakage of a minister's personal information.

Mr. Lim is also a journalist who reported President Yoon's remarks during President Yoon Suk-yeol's visit to the United States in September last year with the subtitle, "What will Biden do if the (US) National Assembly does not approve these XXs?"

In addition, the Democratic Party's Special Committee on Press Freedom criticized the police's raid on MBC reporters in a statement today, calling it a clear crackdown on the press and a "retaliatory investigation for reporting that made the regime uncomfortable."

(Photo=Yonhap News)