• Two decades after the Montparnasse Infernal Tower, Eric and Ramzy continue to make all generations laugh during their media appearances.
  • Very good customers during their appearances on TV sets in the 2000s, the tandem is now acclaimed by Youtube stars and social networks. TikTok called on them to host a show during the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Relatives (Franck Gastambide, Melha Bedia), a YouTuber (Morgan VS) and brands (TikTok) decipher the popularity of the duo among a new audience, which was not born during their first successes.

Expecting Eric and Ramzy to (seriously) comply with the media exercise of the interview is good. Hoping for nothing is better. The warnings were listened to with a distracted ear. Honestly, the opportunity was too good not to be seized. Ten minutes of interview on the Croisette. Especially since it was necessary to obtain an answer, capital: Why did TikTok, a social network acclaimed by teenagers, bet on the duo of fifty-year-olds during the festival?

"So that puts me on my ass," Ramzy says wryly. "I am cancelling this article. My lawyer will do everything to turn off this magazine, continues Eric, falsely upset at the idea of being called old. It's crazy! Laughter assured. But the heart of the matter has not even been touched upon.

Since La Tour Montparnasse infernale, more than 20 years have passed. The first episode of the H series was released in October 1998. The audience of the tandem became iconic according to the successes and flops has aged. So do they. However, in recent years, their joint appearances have attracted a new fringe of fans, who were sometimes not born during their first scenes. Examples? Invited three months ago by Squeezie, the two comedians "break" YouTube, with laughter. Glowing comments abound, the counter is panicking: 19 million views. That's about as much as in another video a few years ago with other names popular among the very young, McFly and Carlito.

"They never calculated anything"

To try to obtain the recipe for their elixir of youth, it was therefore necessary to survey relatives, failing to obtain leads from the interested parties. And, according to Melha Bedia, 32, "the sister to Eric and Ramzy" as she presents herself on Instagram, there is precisely no recipe. "They have never calculated anything, and besides, they do not understand that comedians of my generation can think so much about strategy. Their code is to be sincerely funny and to want to make all generations laugh, without distinction. »

At TikTok, in search of "creativity" and "authenticity", the transplant instantly took hold. "Who could be more authentic than the duo Eric and Ramzy? Their account has been incredibly successful and has accumulated nearly 900,000 subscribers in just three weeks! Some of their videos have even passed the million views mark, with comments from users delighted to see them arrive on TikTok," said Marlène Masure, managing director of TikTok France and Benelux operations.

Guest of "Cannes La Disco", the TikTok show hosted by the two troublions, Franck Gastambide, accused by Eric of having "stolen" Ramzy, was able to closely observe the resurgence of the duo. "When they start chasing you, you curl up in a ball and wait for it to pass. It's a historical alchemy, they're on Bluetooth. It is a two-headed hydra that responds automatically, without any calculation. What is quite crazy is that they are the first surprised by the craze despite the generations that follow one another. »

Young people flock, the duo adapts

An unfeigned surprise, especially since the technical tricks of social networks are not necessarily assimilated. In the middle of writing for upcoming humorous projects, Melha Bedia turns into a digital assistant for her older brother. "The other time, he called me to ask me how to repost content, he often gets hung up. It's a bit of an old uncle to whom you just put the Wi-Fi, laughs the actress. We, the close and young entourage, also serve as a watch. We teach them that their videos are a hit. They are really amazed every time. For them, it's just their usual."

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In the two comedians, no calculation, certainly. But Eric and Ramzy adapt. "I often film strangers. On a shoot, the key is that Eric puts everyone in confidence, it makes others better, comments Morgan Niquet, creator of the Youtube channel Morgan VS (1.3 million subscribers). We tasted rum in the West Indies and let loose, while remaining respectful. My audience is made up of very few minors. I think with Squeezie, he didn't try the same jokes. »

For the content creator, who is about to shoot again with Eric in a few weeks, the strength of humor labeled Eric and Ramzy is that it is exported everywhere. "Ramzy, he puts people in his pocket in five minutes, in all languages and no matter the background. It's a real gymnastics, abounds Franck Gastambide. We are clearly dealing with legends of French humour. What proves it is their longevity. And precisely, Eric and Ramzy seem able to reveal their elixir of youth: "In the morning, a Martini on the Rocks, with an egg yolk. »

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