The Arab Writers Union in Tartous hosted today the signing ceremony of the book "A Call for Distant Mornings" by the Iraqi poet Talal Al-Ghawar, in the presence of a number of writers, writers and poets.

The poet Ghawar explained that the book is semi-autobiographical, in which there is an overlap between races such as story, novel and poetry, and was issued in two editions, the first 170 pages and the second 158 pages, indicating that he chose the city of Tartous to sign his book because it is the city he wrote about, and at the same time he has a strong relationship with its writers.

The head of the branch of the Writers Union in Tartous, Munther Issa, pointed to the importance of receiving the Iraqi poet "Talal Al-Ghawar", who signs his book in its new version, which he wrote in a beautiful poetic language, indicating that he is known to write the vertical poem, some narrative books and the prose poem.

The poet and writer Mervat Ali pointed out that this book was recorded in addition to Arabic prose and narrative after nine poetry collections, in which he wanted to say that he is with the open text that he does not want to naturalize neither by the genre of poetry, story, theater, thought or article, and this is a stylistic modernist point directed to us in an attempt to get the text out of its constraints.

The poet Samir Hammad said that the poet "Ghawar", the owner of transnational collections, has fame on all platforms, and that his book is narrative written in a beautiful and elegant language in which poetry mixed with prose, myth with reality and philosophy with thought.

He added: The poet talks in these memoirs about the stages of his life from childhood until now, and goes into very precise details about the countryside and the city in Iraq and the war and the devastation it left behind, as well as talking about the old "Damascus" and the Syrian coast, which he hosted with great love and respect.

The poet Bassam Hammouda pointed out that the book is closer to an autobiography of the history of a militant human being who has a sense of patriotism and political positions, and he is the author of a message, as the book is closer to a biography to some extent, with aesthetic aspects approaching the novel in some way.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi poet Talal Al-Ghawar, a member of the Arab Writers Union, a member of the Iraqi Writers Union, and a member of the Arab Writers Union in Damascus, born in 1953 from the village of Al-Awja, has many publications, including the book "Out of Names", "Trees Flying High" and "The Sky Blooms in My Fingers", and the Diwan "Free Me from Your Fist", which is poems against the American occupation of Iraq, and the Diwan "Celebrating Vacant Mornings", "The first meaning is the first love" and "The poem is looking for another time".

Rania Shamma

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