The story of a foreign woman who was assaulted by a South Korean at a clothing store in Busan has become known.

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A foreign woman is examining clothes in a store when a Korean woman standing around approaches and suddenly kicks her.

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The foreign woman, who was kicked so hard that her body was shaken, stood there in surprise, and the perpetrator left leisurely.

In the video, the owner of a clothing store rushed over and comforted the victim.

The foreign woman said she was assaulted while watching at a clothing store at a train station in Busan, and she said she didn't know why she was kicked.

As the video of the incident spreads, the outrage against the perpetrator is growing.

In particular, the American online community has been flooded with comments blaming the perpetrators.

People reacted by saying, "It's ridiculous how you built up the image of Korea," "I don't want to think you're the same Korean," and "You have to catch and punish them quickly, who would want to come to Korea?"

(Screen source: Online Community)