25 days to Aden

Sacrifice and redemption by fulfilling the order of the homeland to support the oppressed and defend the neighbor's fever; The book "25 Days to Aden" documents an important stage in modern history with the loyalty and courage of heroic soldiers.

After the dedication, the military historian Dr. Michael Knights extends his thanks and gratitude in which he explains the purpose of the book, to begin the introduction with a narrative of the cover panel, then comes the first chapter (War Knocks on the Gates of Aden) in which he explains the historical dimension of this land and its people and the ongoing armed conflict, and (Two strange companions: Al-Houthi Yoon and Saleh) in which he details the extent of betrayal imposed by personal interests and greed that brought down Sana'a, to come the third chapter (the beginning) and how the seat of government moved to Aden, and explains more the "plan to control the south" led by Greed and lack of awareness of the consequences but (the South resists) explaining the historical depth of this resistance in chapter four.

The fifth chapter (the UAE draws a line on the sand) explains the beginning of the UAE's role while providing a historical overview of the UAE and its quest for calm before the military solution is the best solution, to provide a summary of the readiness and military experience of the UAE and then "the beginning of the air campaign", and introduces us more into Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed's intuition in the sixth chapter (not the air force and its limit) in which he clarifies the situation of ground fighting between the resistance and the enemy, and concludes with the Saudi role in cooperation with other countries in evacuating Foreign nationals; to begin preparing for war by introducing Emirati forces into the ranks of the ground resistance in (soldiers in the field), and with (the arrival of the knights) began "designing the liberation operation" to begin battles.

After (the fall of Al-Tawahi) stops at (returning from the edge) if one of the resistance reveals the presence of the Emiratis in Aden, so that the Emiratis prefer to "continue the battle from the ship" in the Gulf of Aden as a temporary solution to calm the situation by choosing an ideal figure for that and then start a (war of attrition) the enemy, in which he clarifies the role of the "intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system" but "attrition is not enough" to reach (opening the impasse) by meeting Emirati leaders with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed in Abu Dhabi and discussing what happened, what was wrong and what we need? He reminds them: "We need to liberate Aden before Eid", to come the decisive (sixth battle of the airport) and the fall of the first martyrs of the Emirates, then the book concludes with the fourteenth chapter.

(Pursuit and stabilization operations) to restore stability to Aden, praise be to God.

A book rich in knowledge and accurate in its description in detail, in addition to containing maps and photos to live with more, and chronicles an important stage in the modern history of the Arabian Gulf.