• In the hope of existing in her artistic milieu, a resident of Oslo pretends that she has a rare disease.
  • "Sick Of Myself" follows his journey between fame and decay.
  • This fierce comedy was very noticed at Cannes in 2022.

The heroine of Kristoffer Brogli's Sick Of Myself does not go with the back of the spoon when it comes to attracting attention. She stuffs herself with a drug that she knows is dangerous to make it look like she has a serious illness. To the point of being sucked into a spiral of lies while she is gradually disfigured by her evil that makes her a star of the media and social networks. "It was about jostling the viewer to entertain them," says the Norwegian director.

Kristoffer Brogli does not spare very special effects to show the metamorphosis of his heroine. This modern fable is reminiscent of Ruben Östlund's Unfiltered, winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2022. Signs of the times, Sick of Myself was screened at the Festival the same year in the Un Certain Regard section.

At the heart of a toxic relationship

The young woman is really ready to do anything to beat her boyfriend, a star of contemporary art who knows the glory by exposing furniture and other stolen decorative objects. Their toxic relationship serves as a detonator for a series of cruelly funny situations when they receive photographers in their apartment or compete with media appearances to get noticed.

"They are equally narcissistic, which makes it impossible for them to live together," says Kristoffer Brogli. They awaken their worst mutual tendencies. Everyone goes further in his delirium to pull the cover and things can obviously only go very badly. "Social networks have exacerbated this type of behavior," insists the director. I've pushed the envelope a bit, but I know people who look like them in Oslo. »

Everything to exist

The fear of being invisible in an artistic environment where everyone looks at each other's belly button before posting a photo on social networks pushes the heroine to put herself in danger. Sometimes fascinating or frightening in her physical changes, the young woman does not inspire sympathy. The intense loneliness that emerges from her character (she seems isolated even when surrounded by so-called relatives) ends up moving. With its fierce humor that spares no one, Sick Of Myself does not prove to be a kind film but it is a beautiful moment of disturbing cinema in what it shows of a society where only appearance is considered.

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