Within the framework of prior readiness to maintain the stability of the health situation, and the absence of epidemics and diseases, the Ministry of Health issued a number of circulars to its directorates in the governorates, according to the Director of Communicable and Chronic Diseases, Dr. Zuhair Al-Sahwi.

In a statement to SANA correspondent today, Al-Sahwi indicated that the circulars issued by the ministry aim to ensure a rapid response in the event of any epidemic or infectious disease, explaining that the circulars relate to monitoring a number of disease cases, including hemorrhagic fever, hepatitis A, and epidemic summer diarrhea.

Dr. Al-Sahwi pointed out that the circulars include the necessity of taking precautionary measures to prevent the transmission of infection and the spread of diseases among citizens, providing health and treatment services, and tightening health control at border crossings to prevent the entry of cases and their transmission.

The circulars included several aspects, including ensuring the readiness of hospitals, preparing monthly reports on activities related to environmental safety and health control in the Communicable and Chronic Diseases Division in the Public Health Programs Department in the health directorates, tightening control over wells and ensuring water safety in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

Rama Rashidi

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