The coyote

Unlike most canids, the coyote (Canis latrans) hunts alone and preys on small prey, but it can also hunt in groups to kill a larger animal. It also tends to eat domestic cats and dogs. This efficient hunter uses his hearing and smell to locate his prey, chasing them up to 64 km/h and biting their paws to make them fall and then deliver the fatal blow to the throat. It is also a scavenger, but if it does not find animals, it can feed on fruits and berries.

The fox

Foxes are intelligent creatures that use Earth's magnetic field to hunt prey hidden under snow. Using their large ears to detect the movements of their prey up to 7 m away, they line up their bodies to the north to determine where their prey is and jump high to fall directly on their victim. They can estimate the exact distance and direction of their prey with this method and have a success rate of 73%. When hunting, they can reach speeds of 50 km/h.

The dhole

The dhole (Cuon alpinus) lives in South and Southeast Asia. It hunts in packs and uses chuckles and high-pitched cries to communicate during hunts, which allows it to catch prey ten times larger than itself. Groups can even defend themselves against a tiger. They feed mainly on deer, buffalo, goats and other large animals depending on the region where they live, but also eat berries, insects and rabbits. These ferocious predators do not start by killing their prey, like most other wild canids and felines; They drop it and start eating directly. Although they do not exceed 48 km/h, these cunning hunters can chase prey for hours until they lead it to a body of water where they will attack, then they will pull the animal out of the water to devour it.

The jackal

Jackals, on the other hand, eat just about anything they find. They follow big cats and consume their remains but are strong enough to hunt themselves, and are able to catch antelopes and sheep. They also eat birds, fruits and insects. These brave mammals sometimes even try to compete with their own predators to eat their meal.

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