The first meeting in 2002 and the joy was completed in 2023

Wedding in Palestine after 20 years engagement

In 2002, the liberated prisoner Ammar Abed was 19 years old, when he proposed to the lifetime partner, and tied the knot, and here was the first meeting, and in 2023 he met her again, to organize their wedding in the next few days.

At the end of November 2002, the occupation forces arrested the Palestinian young man Ammar Abed, a few days after his marriage contract, and sentenced him to 17 years in prison, and in June 2014, the Israeli Beersheba Court approved the extension of his previous sentence for an additional three and a half years.

Over the years of these high sentences, his fiancée waited for him, counting days after days, despite the isolation of the Gaza Strip from the second part of Palestine, the divided occupied homeland, and the distance is impossible to meet between besieged Gaza, and the bars of Nafha prison in the Negev desert, southern occupied Palestine, where Amer spent his sentence behind Israeli prison bars.

Today, after Amer gained freedom, he met his fiancée, who waited all these years, to be reunited, after 20 years of engagement, as well as the families.

"Emirates Today" met Amer at his home in the city of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, where the atmosphere of joy, and inside the house of the liberated prisoner, was the waiting station for his last fiancée, as she received him bouquets of flowers smelling all over the place, wearing a white heritage dress, while the Palestinian keffiyeh fell on his shoulders.

While everyone from his family and relatives is busy receiving him, Amer, his partner, wore the engagement ring, and Amer says as the voices of the women of his family sang out, "This moment, which I was forcibly deprived of, accompanied me over the long years of my detention, and endured the cruelty of families, until I returned to those who waited for me for two decades, and more, despite the suffering of separation, preserving the covenant of the marriage contract between us."

Abed continues, "Today I was reunited with my fiancée, and what made it more beautiful was the great joy of my family, and their organization of the atmosphere of joy, which removed in one moment the pains that settled in my body throughout my detention."