In Bolivia, Hernan and Daisy's parents have a coca plantation. Without the many transformation processes, this plant is harmless and used by all as a mild stimulant, through the chewing of a few leaves. When seniors leave the plantation to study in the city, they quickly run out of money to pursue their passion for music. Hernan decides to smuggle two kilos of cocaine to the Argentine border, but is arrested. Eight years in prison, for $100 in salary.

In San Sebastian prison, originally built to accommodate 80 prisoners, 700 people are crammed together. Administrative delays and endemic corruption in the judicial system mean that 80 per cent of these prisoners have not had the right to trial. Daisy is upset by her brother's sudden arrest and desperate to free him. But how far will it go?

Cocaine Prison also follows Hernan's friendship with Mario, a family man from Bolivia's poorest region. On his first day in a cocaine factory, he was arrested. He has been waiting for years for his trial, delayed each time, mourning his family. Hernan and Mario attend classes and keep a low profile, hoping they can be acquitted.

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