The symposium held by the Cultural Center in Abu Roumaneh included impressionistic readings in the open poetry collection of the poet Hassan Ibrahim Samoun, in which he gathered a number of Syrian poets in various forms of their writings in its successive and continuous parts.

In turn, the author of the Diwan pointed out that it is limited to what serves the country of poetic options, while reading some poetic texts from his writings in national and humanitarian cases.

The Cultural Center also screened a film that talked about Simon's literary and cultural career, and why he chose to write the Diwan, which will be considered in the future as a reference for Syrian writers at a certain stage, and during the period of the terrorist war on Syria.

Meanwhile, the poet Muhammad Hassan Al-Ali explained the creativity and aesthetic images in Simeon's poetry, his commitment to language, originality, the sincere reflection of reality, and the noble emotional emotion, citing some of his writings.

At the same time, the poet Farhan al-Khatib pointed to the poet's connotations and symbols in the Syrian Open Diwan and the interest of poetry in Damascus as a national symbol, in addition to being careful in selection that focuses on belonging and patriotism.

Critic Ahmed Hilal explained that the Diwan prepared by Samoun was interested in the originality and methodology of accurate documentation of a stage that he wrote about with sincere emotion that embodies a national and historical situation par excellence, because the future needs to know the sacrifices made by Syria and this is present in the Diwan.

In her speech, Director of Culture Naima Suleiman said that the Syrian Open Diwan deserves appreciation, because it discussed what Syria and its people aspire to.

In a statement, the head of the center, Ammar Baqleh, pointed to the importance of administrative attention to documenting the literature of the stage to show different facts.

Journalist Elham Sultan, who moderated the seminar and introduced the participants and the author, presented a recorded tape of the expatriate writer Yacoub Murad, in which she talked about the author's advantages and national commitment, and read a letter by the poet Samar Al-Taghlibi that included how to write the author and his method of systematic research.

The Director of Culture and the President of the Center presented a certificate of appreciation to the author of the Diwan, due to the efforts made in preparing it and the interest in the homeland and its concerns.

Muhammad Khalid Alkhidr

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