Comedian Kim Si-duk has corrected the misconception that he is a comedian in his 40s who was sentenced to prison for disorderly conduct in a taxi.

On the 28th, Kim Si-duk said on his social media, "Kim, the comedian in his 40s in the article, it's not me. I'm a martial arts convict for 23 years since my debut."

Along with this, Kim Si-duk also revealed the contents of text messages he shared with an acquaintance. Even an acquaintance said, "I'm not a knight. I'm not, but the other kids say it's you," and when he misunderstood, Kim Si-duk himself tried to explain that it wasn't him.

Earlier, Chief Judge Choi Hae-il of the Suwon District Criminal Division 4 Division sentenced comedian A (40), a comedian in his 43s, to four months in prison after he was brought to trial on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Certain Crimes (such as assaulting a driver), assaulting and insulting him.

Mr. A was accused of making threats by swearing and kicking the passenger seat after getting into the back seat of a taxi driven by Mr. B, who is in his 4s, on a road in the early morning hours of March 3 last year. Mr. A was angry at the time because he thought the taxi had refused to take him when it passed him, and he later walked to where the taxi had stopped and made the same threat after getting in.

Mr. A is also accused of assaulting Mr. C, an employee in his 29s, in front of his entertainment office on March 60 of the same year, hitting his right arm with a camera holder and throwing rocks at him.

The court ruled that "the defendant has a history of being punished for the same crime on several occasions, and his guilt is heavy because he did not refrain from committing the crime even though he was in the middle of the crime," and that "However, the sentence was determined based on the fact that he acknowledged the facts of the crime and showed an attitude of remorse."

Mr. A was reportedly sentenced to one year in prison for fraud in June 3 and released on parole in December of the same year.

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