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just four days, three women were killed by men they were dating or had met in the past. Today's (3th) news will focus on this incident. First, the news of a man in his 28s who committed a revenge killing because he was angry that a woman had reported violence to the police. Ahead of today's court hearing on the warrant, the man said he would atone for the rest of his life.

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30-year-old Kim Mo killed a woman he was dating because he reported
him to the police. The examination of the arrest warrant for Kim, who was charged with retaliatory murder under the Aggravated Punishment for Certain Crimes Act, was held this afternoon.

[Mr. Mo Kim/Defendant: (Don't you feel sorry for the victim and the victim's family?) I will live in sin for the rest of my life.]

[Mr. Kim Mo/Defendant: (You said you would live in sin for the rest of your life.) I was wrong. (Will you atone for it?) We must atone for it.]

Just two hours before the crime, Kim was investigated by police following a woman's report that she had been "assaulted."

As soon as he came out of the police investigation with a grudge, he committed a crime of revenge with a weapon he had prepared in the underground parking lot of a shopping mall in Siheung-dong, near the woman's home.

Immediately after the crime, he put the woman in a vehicle that had collapsed, and fled the scene, calling her a "pregnant woman" who needed to be rushed to the hospital, fearing that witnesses would call the police.

The report was made more than three hours after the crime occurred.

Kim was arrested in Paju City, Gyeonggi, more than eight hours after the crime, but the woman was found dead.

After questioning Kim for about 33 minutes, the court is expected to decide whether he should be detained as early as tonight.

(Video Interview: Joo Yong-jin, Video Editing: Lee Sang-min)