A game in bad taste or a real anti-Christian act? The gendarmes of Haute-Garonne investigate the malicious acts discovered Sunday afternoon in the church of Saint-Laurent de Cugnaux, in the suburbs of Toulouse.

It was a witness who saw the smoke and raised the alarm. The start of the fire inside the building was quickly brought under control but it revealed other damage. "All the candles were overturned, a crucifix was damaged and paintings were broken," lists Albert Sanchez, the mayor of the town, particularly shocked by the event in a city "where several cults live in perfect relationship with each other".

Video surveillance exploited

With his municipal council, the mayor "strongly condemns this act of violence against a religious community" and "expresses [his] solidarity with the affected Catholic community", reminding "everyone of the importance of the values of tolerance, respect and freedom of religion".

The gendarmes were able to consult CCTV images. According to a source close to the investigation, the vandals could be minors.

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