• The Cannes Film Festival ended yesterday, Saturday, May 27, and rewarded Justine Triet's film.
  • Maciek Hamela is a Polish director, selected at Acid for his film about the war in Ukraine.

His film, "In the Rearview", was selected at Acid, the association of independent cinemas, during the Cannes Film Festival. Against the tide of this 76th edition, it is one of the few films, whether in competition or in parallel selections, to address the war in Ukraine. Its director, Maciek Hamela, from Warsaw, Poland, decided to take action. As a volunteer first. "Like thousands of people in Poland, I was hired at the beginning of this war as a volunteer driver to carry out evacuations of Ukrainians. At the border, first, then very quickly from more dangerous areas, where there was no transport, "says the director who makes the effort to speak French.

He restores this commitment in his work, filming inside his car these Ukrainians who are about to become refugees. Without staging or distorting these scenes of mutual aid, Maciek Hamela put the camera in his place, as an observer. "This idea for the film came a month after the war started, at the end of March, when I called a cinematographer friend to help me drive the car," the young director continues. "It's a film that has two messages. The first is to show all these cars, causing huge traffic jams at the border, full of women and refugee children. And the second message is that their daily lives were interrupted overnight. And these lives, they resemble our lives, whether we are in Poland, in France, there are no big differences. »

"A point of view on the world around us"

So, cinema as a spotlight on current events? "I'm not naïve, I don't think my film will change the world. But if he can already do something at 1%, it will already be a success." Director, actress, producer, even cinema can have a role to show, denounce or question. Everything is a look, a point of view on the world around us.

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