Long day in Venice for the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen who took part, at the University of Architecture of Venice, in the interdisciplinary day "From collective thought to creative disputes", talking from the stage with Lesley Lokko, curator of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition underway in the Lagoon.

An event dedicated to new ways of living and how to go beyond the belief that the future of humanity is linked to existing solutions, emerging architectures for climate justice, inclusive digital future, the notion of global commons.

At the end of the event, von der Leyer will move to the Gardens to visit some of the pavilions of the Architecture Biennale; a short walking tour that will take you, in particular, to the Central Pavilion and, significantly, to that of Ukraine.


Ursula Von Der Leyen


Italy responded to the new European Bauhaus with extraordinary enthusiasm. Over one hundred partners and friends of the new European Bauhaus are Italian, including the university that hosts us today in these beautiful premises and the Venice Urban Lab organization. Italy is an important engine of the new European Bauhaus and an endless source of inspiration and innovation for our movement". Ursula von der Leyen said speaking at the event dedicated to the European Bauhaus at the Venice Biennale.

He then told of an all-Italian project, one of the first in the context of the new Bauhaus. "There are two islands in front of the Grand Canal: San Basilio and Santa Marta. This area was initially inhabited by fishermen and their families. On summer nights, fishermen gathered on the shores, grilled fish, chatted late and attracted people from all over Venice. This space, however, ended up being occupied by factories and warehouses, only to be abandoned in the last century. Today it is coming back to life. This university, together with Ca' Fòscari, the Municipality and the Port Authority, has joined a project called BoSS (Bauhaus of the Seas Sails), one of the first six demonstration projects within the new European Bauhaus. And, in fact, St. Basil and St. Martha are reborn. You are creating new student residences, new economic activities focused on sustainable fishing and new public spaces to reconnect this area to the lagoon. Thanks to the BoSS project, you will be able to restore the natural link between the city and the port," von der Leyen said.

100 million a year for the New Bauhaus

"For us in the European institutions there is now an important issue. Here's how you can continue to support your impressive mobilization. Just a few days ago, the first hub of the New European Bauhaus Academy was established in Slovenia. Others will follow. The academy will train construction professionals on sustainability, circularity and bio-based materials. Because there is a huge need for skilled workers. And we will support the New European Bauhaus with more funds. So far we have invested over 100 million euros in projects that follow the principles of the New European Bauhaus. Another 100 million are insured for this and next year." The President of the European Commission specified. "Ultimately, the new European Bauhaus belongs to you. In a year we will celebrate the second NEB Festival. And in two years I hope we can meet again at the Biennale.

Von der Leyen: "Venice will help reconstruction Odessa"

"The New European Bauhaus is showing why we are training Ukrainian municipalities, architects, engineers, urban planners from the European Union and Ukraine are sharing expertise on how to rebuild Ukraine in a sustainable way. I was very happy to hear from the mayor this morning that the port of Venice is twinned with the port of Odessa to also bring knowledge, experience and sustainable way to rebuild the port of Odessa". Von der Leyen said.


What does sustainable reconstruction mean? For example, we take debris from destruction and recycle it from destroyed buildings to rebuild new ones. So, with the support of the European Union, the European community, I am deeply convinced that Ukraine can be rebuilt not only as it was, but as young Ukrainians want it to be, more sustainable, more inclusive, even more beautiful.

This is a goal. I think we all share the fact that we can overcome this problem and that Ukraine will rise again," he stressed.


Von der Leyen in Venice, gondola ride and meeting with mayor

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, were welcomed this morning in the City Hall of Venice by the mayor of the lagoon city, Luigi Brugnaro.

Together with Brugnaro, von der Leyen took a short gondola ride and then was portrayed on one of the balconies of Ca'Farsetti, the seat of the Municipality.

"Venice is a wonder of the world. But this jewel of Europe's heritage is threatened by climate change. We can act and preserve it. The New European Bauhaus is showing us the way. That's what I'm here to discuss at the Biennale." This was written in a tweet by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, about her visit to Venice.