The departure of singer Mohamed Jamal, the owner of the song "Syria, my love"

The great Lebanese singer Mohammed Jamal died at dawn today after a long career full of successes and songs that made him star in the Arab world.
The official page of Jamal announced his death while in a hospital in Los Angeles, California, America.
Mohammed Jamal was born in 1934 in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, and collaborated with many great poets, in addition to composing many songs for great artists such as Sabah, Najah Salam, Syrian singer Marwan Hossam El-Din, and collaborated with Rahbaneh.

Jamal's songs became famous in the seventies of the twentieth century, and in the early eighties he emigrated to the United States of America because of the Lebanese civil war.
During his youth, Jamal married the performance artist Taroub.

The late artist began his artistic career as a singer in his school, learned to play the oud from his father, and then entered the world of art through the Lebanese radio. He then traveled to Cairo, where he participated in the film "The Widow of Tarroub" and many films alongside Rushdi Abaza, Tawfiq Al-Chin and others.

He is also famous for many songs, most notably the national song (Syria Ya Habibi) and the song (I want to see you every day).