Prosecutors investigating allegations that money bags and other valuables were distributed to the Democratic National Convention have handed over to trial in custody the former chief auditor of the Korea Water Resources Corporation, Kang Rae-gu, who was accused of being a "financing scheme."

This is the first case in which the prosecution has brought a person involved to trial since it launched a mandatory investigation related to the "suspicion of money bags" on the 12th of last month.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Anti-Corruption Investigation Division 2 (Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim Yong-chul) announced today (26th) afternoon that it has arrested and indicted former auditor Kang Rae-gu on charges of violating the Political Parties Act, violating the Political Finance Act, and accepting bribes.

Prosecutors allege Kang was involved in the distribution of money to members of Congress, regional headquarters and regional situation office directors during last year's Democratic National Convention.

Prosecutors determined that Kang violated the Political Parties Act and the Political Finance Act in April last year by conspiring with officials of the Gyeongseon camp to receive 4 million won from businessman Kim Mo to fund the use of the Gyeongseon camp.

In addition, in accordance with the instructions, solicitations, and demands of Rep. Yoon Kwan-seok, 5 million won was provided to Rep. Yoon on two occasions in the name of providing him to the National Assembly.

Prosecutors allege that around March last year, Kang told the officials of the contest camp to "provide campaign expenses to the regional headquarters managers" and instructed and encouraged the regional headquarters heads to provide 000 envelopes of money containing 2,6 won each in cash.

In addition, it is suspected that he conspired with officials of the primary camp around the same time to receive 000 million won from Rep. Lee Sung-man in the name of providing the head of the regional headquarters.

Kang is also accused of instructing and encouraging officials of the presidential election camp to "provide campaign expenses to the regional situation room directors" around the end of April last year, and actually instructing and encouraging the regional situation room directors to provide 3 envelopes containing 50,28 won in cash from April to May.

In addition, prosecutors accused Kang of accepting a bribe of 1 million won in cash from businessman Park Mo in September 000 in exchange for the delivery of power plant equipment under the Korea Water Resources Corporation.

(Photo=Yonhap News)