President al-Assad meets Tunisian President in Jeddah and the meeting discusses relations between the two countries and bilateral cooperation 19-5-2023President al-Assad discusses with Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed the close bilateral relations between Syria and the UAE 19-5-2023President al-Assad discusses with Prince Mohammed bin Salman bilateral relations and developments in the Arab arena 19-5-2023First Lady Asma al-Assad shares with the people of the village of Al-Marah the harvest of their Shami rose 25-5-2023The launch of the Shami Rose Harvest Festival in the village of Neirab in Aleppo countryside 20-5-2023Linking a photovoltaic solar plant project in Hassia Industrial on Electrical Network 21-5-2023Syrian Karate Team Player Wissam Abu Mahmoud wins the bronze medal in the Mediterranean Championship in Tunisia 21-5-2023A Polish tourist group visits the city of Busra Al-Sham and reviews its archaeological monuments 21-5-2023Syrian national team player for physical strength Hassan Al-Masri wins the bronze medal in the World Championship in South Africa in the Master category 21-5-2023 with Arab and foreign participation... Food Expo 2023 for Food Industries Opens 22-5-2023The launch of the first flower exhibition in Homs 25-5-2023