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If you want to win the €77 million EuroMillions on Friday 26th May 2023, you have until the evening at 20:15 to try your luck.

Enter the next draw

Play EuroMillions this Friday 26th May 2023 and try to win a total of several million euros with La Française des Jeux. Everyone has the opportunity to try their luck and everyone can become a millionaire. To participate, a classic grid costs 2.50 euros, whether completed in paper version in FDJ points of sale or via the internet on the website.

You will find on iOS and Android the application of the Française des Jeux for smartphones and tablets, on which you can have access to all FDJ games in dematerialized version.

If you haven't hit the EuroMillions jackpot, don't be discouraged: FDJ designates another random winner who gets, with My Million, the sum of 1 million. Extremely simple, the EuroMillions game allows you to win very large sums that continue to increase if the win is not won.

Try to win 1 million euros with My Million

1 million euros are also guaranteed to a participant, in France, in each European draw, thanks to My Million. When filling your grid, a code is created randomly. Do not lose it, maybe it will offer you the opportunity to win a nice amount, even if it is not the jackpot.

How to receive your EuroMillions winnings?

With €500,000 or more in earnings, you must contact FDJ customer service on 09 69 36 60 60. The Winning Relations department will get back to you.

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Gambling can be dangerous: loss of money, family conflicts, addiction... Find our advice on (09 74 75 13 13 - non-surcharged call).

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