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In March, an Army noncommissioned officer was driving with his wife by his side when he was involved in a car accident that killed his wife. However, as circumstances continued to emerge that it was difficult to believe that this was an accident, the military authorities investigated and arrested the noncommissioned officer on charges such as murder.

This is Kim Do-woon, a reporter for G3 Broadcasting.


The vehicle rushes at a terrifying speed and hits a retaining wall.

The driver, NCO A, was seriously injured in the accident and his wife, who was a passenger, was killed.

At that time, Mr. A stated that the accident was caused by drowsy driving, but suspicious circumstances were raised, such as his wife could not be seen riding in the vehicle on her own.

Mr. A later recanted his statement, saying that his wife had made an extreme choice and that she had an accident in the process of fixing it.

However, the bereaved family protested that Mr. A had been experiencing financial problems such as debts, and that his wife had no prognosis to make an extreme choice.

The bereaved family also alleged that Mr. A cleaned up the scene of the incident and destroyed the evidence by putting it in a garbage bag.

The military authorities investigating the case determined that Mr. A had murdered his wife, based on the autopsy results that showed that the cause of his wife's death was cervical compression and multiple injuries.

However, Mr. A strongly denies the allegations.

[Mr. A's legal representative: (Mr. A) should not inform the children and the people around him of (his wife's) suicide, especially the children...]

The military authorities plan to wrap up their investigation by next week and send Mr. A to the prosecutor's office.

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