Korean films have been performing poorly
at the box office lately. Soon-to-be-released Crime City is already showing signs of becoming a box office hit.

Another action movie is also about to be released, and reporter Kim Kwang-hyun took a look at whether it will be able to change the stagnant atmosphere.

Director <Park Hoon-jung>
who has clearly shown his colors with the
films New World and The Witch, returns with a new film, The Demon.

This is the story of Marco, a boxer who struggles to make a living in illegal arenas in the Philippines, and is pursued by a mysterious man, a demon.

[Park Hoon-jung/Director of "Demon Prince": I don't really like to write scripts, so when I work with them now, the actors have to do most of the action themselves.]

Actor Kim Seon-ho plays the ruthless scion who runs after Marco and devastates his surroundings, while up-and-coming actor Kang Tae-joo, who beat the 1,980-to-1 audition competition ratio, plays Marco in an intense action-packed performance.

[Kang Tae-joo as Marco : In order to perform well in the boxing scene, I worked out and prepared with the boxing club athletes who are preparing for the national championships on the athletes' schedule.]

Even before its release, it has been pre-sold in major countries in North America and Asia, attracting attention.

The three films in Crime City, which have become synonymous with Korean action movies, have had a pre-release rate of more than 3% of the total.

It is said that 50 in 2 people who book a movie will choose this movie.

[Ma Dong-seok as Ma Seok-do: It's not easy because even between actors who hit and hit each other, there can be accidents with a difference of one centimeter and one second.]

Among the Korean films released this year, only two films have exceeded 1 million viewers: Negotiation and Dream.

It will be interesting to see if the works of action craftsmen, directors and actors can create a turning point in the Korean film industry, which is in crisis.

(Video Interview: Choi Eun-jin, Video Editing: Oh Se-kwan)