A 60-year-old worker died this afternoon after falling from a scaffolding inside a construction site in Macherio, in the province of Monza. He is the third death in one day in Lombardy, the fifth in Italy. The accident occurred around 15.30 pm, when the man, an Italian resident of Cantù and with long experience, lost his balance and fell from a height of about two meters, hitting the back of his head. He died on the way to the hospital in Desio. In the renovation site of a house where the man was working, with a regular employment contract, Ats technicians arrived.

There were 1,500 deaths in accidents at work last year, according to conservative data from the unions, and there are already hundreds in the first months of 2023, and even today there is a new very heavy toll: five workers died, three in Lombardy, of which one on the first day in a company, a fourth in Sardinia and the fifth in Calabria. Bewilderment and anger on the part of the unions: the Cub points the finger at precariousness and calls for "real" controls and the institution of the crime of "murder at work", the CGIL demands "immediate interventions and not just words: it is a continuous war".