On the pulpit of the Cultural Center in Homs, poems of poets from each governorate carried with them the fragrance of words to spread them with love and jubilation in a poetry evening that attracted a sponsor of intellectuals and interested people.

The poet Abdul Hamid Melhem from Aleppo Al-Shahba began the evening with two poems, the first patriotic entitled Souad and the second sad nationalism entitled Sukkari on the sidelines of the issue, in which he embodies the suffering of Palestinian refugees due to the cruelty of the brutal occupation.

From the city of Quneitra, the poet Lina Al-Mufleh carried her poems of tenderness and tenderness, and we enjoyed her conscious emotional style and fermented with the culture and philosophy of life through her texts that carried the titles of a declaration of war, the blue room and a woman from clay.

The enthusiastic poet Azzam Issa saluted Homs, for which his poetry was relegated with warm words, where he declares in poems titled seismic scenes and heart fever that love is the most effective way to fight sorrows, rebuild hearts and spread happiness in all circumstances.

And the words radiate the sweetness of the paper came the participation of the poet Ola Abdullah bouquet of poems flirtatious weighted and spoken full of longing and beautiful wishes and entitled B court and your thought on my heart and I see your eyes assassinate my silence and where the words fall rain and bloom the soul spring of happiness and hope for the next.

The poet Ismail Majd concluded the evening in his poems The Last Flood and in the Light of the Ascension.

Hanan Sweid

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