MPs voted Thursday in favor of deploying a next-generation military observation satellite by 2030, added to the draft military programming law (LPM) currently under consideration in the National Assembly.

This measure was introduced by an amendment by the government, as it had promised. The Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu said in the hemicycle to have conducted "a number of negotiations with the industrialist".

The CSO Suite

This Iris military satellite is thus programmed as part of the LPM 2024-2030, without waiting as initially planned for the future post-2030 programming law. "We are delighted that the government has negotiated in this direction," said LFI MP Bastien Lachaud, who had tabled an identical amendment.

Two French CSO spy satellites are currently in orbit. A third, which was to be launched at the end of 2022, is now "scheduled for 2024", Lecornu recently recalled. The LPM project initially envisaged that the Iris program, which will take over from CSO, would result in the launch of two satellites in orbit between 2030 and 2035.

Replacement of equipment transferred to Ukraine

Another government amendment adopted Thursday by the Assembly provides for the order of "38 additional Jaguar armored vehicles and 92 Griffon armored vehicles" compared to the initial text of the bill, to replace equipment ceded to Ukraine after its tabling. It is expected that the government will finance this measure "outside the budgetary resources of the LPM".

The Assembly also adopted Thursday evening amendments tabled by deputies of the majority, asking for studies to decide before 2028 whether it is necessary for the country to acquire a second aircraft carrier, in addition to the one whose construction is planned in the LPM.

The bill, examined since Monday by the National Assembly, provides for an envelope of 413 billion euros over seven years, a clear increase compared to the previous budget of the Armed Forces (295 billion for 2019-2025). The stated objective is to renovate equipment, modernize nuclear deterrence, improve the treatment of troops, renew equipment but also invest in cyber, space and seabed control.

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